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Shared Branching CU Service Center (Outlet) FAQ’s

Your credit union participates with other credit unions, internationally, in a cooperative effort to bring you more choices in financial convenience, the CU Service Centers ® Network. You can now perform many of your financial transactions and obtain services at branches of other credit unions and self-service locations belonging to the network.

By using the CU Service Centers ® Network, your membership and accounts remain at your own credit union, but you can access your accounts and conduct business with your credit union through any of the convenient CU Services Centers ® locations. In this way, through a network of participating credit unions and retailers, access to your accounts and credit union services is made more convenient.

How do I access my account?

You need three things when you visit a CU Service Centers ® Location:
    The name of your Credit Union, which is:

    AlaskaAirlines HorizonAir EFCU (this is different than our actual name but what we are listed as in the CU Services Directory)

    Your Account Number at your Credit Union (this is your base account number and appears on your account receipts after zeros)

    A current, unexpired, VALID Government issued picture identification with signature
    • State issued driver's license or identification card (temporary extensions are not accepted)
    • U.S. Passport
    • City, State, County or Federal ID card or badge (may require additional form of identification)
    • U.S. Armed Forces Identification Card or the new Smart Identification card without signature
    • Resident Alien Card issued by the INS
Have these items ready to present to the teller. This will save you time and will make the transaction seamless. All transactions require identification. The CU Service Centers ® Network and your credit union care about protecting your identity and account information.

If you have questions regarding your account or transactions that were performed through the CU Service Centers® Network, please contact your credit union directly.

*Some foreign identification may be accepted based on CU Service Centers® policies.

Are there any limits on cash withdrawals?

Cash Withdrawal Limits
CU Service Centers ® may limit cash withdrawals to $500 per day, regardless of your own credit union's policy.

How are holds and deposited funds handled?

Holds and Deposited Funds
The funds you deposit at the CU Service Centers® locations may not be available for immediate withdrawal from your credit union account.

Holds may be placed by your credit union on items you deposit through the CU Service Centers ® locations based on your credit union's hold policies. THE CU SERVICE CENTER DOES NOT PLACE THE HOLDS ON YOUR ACCOUNT; YOUR CREDIT UNION PLACES THE HOLDS.

The CU Service Centers ® Location CANNOT remove a hold placed on your account. You must contact your own credit union to discuss the removal of the hold.

Please refer to your credit union's Funds Availability Policy or contact your credit union for further information.

Can I place stop payments?

Stop Payments
The CU Service Centers® Location CANNOT accept a stop payment request on your checking account. YOU MUST CONTACT YOUR OWN CREDIT UNION.

If you need to place a stop payment on a check you obtained from the CU Service Centers ® Location, such as a cashier's check, money order or official check, you must contact the CU Service Centers ® Location where you obtained the check. There will be a waiting period not to exceed 90 days before funds can be released. You may be required to complete an indemnity agreement. Please refer to Fee Schedule.

What services are available?

Deposits and Withdrawals
Deposits can be made to your accounts that your credit union has made available to you through the CU Service Centers® Network. Please refer to Fees for deposits of checks. Rolled coins may not be accepted at all locations. Some locations may have automated coin machines available.

Check Deposits
    Payroll Check - If you deposit a payroll check, make sure you have your payroll check stub with you to verify your deposit.

    All checks must be U.S. dollars and payable through a U.S. Bank

    You must properly endorse all checks presented for deposit
The CU Service Centers® Location reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any item presented for deposit or payment.

    Cash withdrawals may be limited to $500 per day regardless of your own credit union's policy. Check withdrawals are limited to your total amount of available funds authorized by your own credit union. Please refer to fee schedule.
Loan Payments
    Loan Payments can be made by cash or check, however, there may be restrictions placed on your loan account by your own credit union for access through the CU Service Centers® Network.
Transfers between Sub-Accounts
    Transfers can be processed within your own credit union account.

    Transfers into different accounts are allowed as long as you are an owner. The transfers will be handled as a deposit/payment or as a withdrawal/loan advance.
Will I be charged any fees?
    There are some fees associated with certain Shared Branching transactions.
    Withdrawal using an official credit union checks $5.00
    Rolled coin for deposit .25 per roll
    Check deposits, up to 11 checks Free
    After 11 checks .17 each check
    Fax request $3.00 first page
    Each additional faxed page $1.00
    Money orders, if available $3.00
    Travelers Checks, if available 1% of face value
    Dual signature Travelers Checks 1.5% of face value
    Photocopies, if available .50 per page
Individual credit unions may impose fees for using a CU Service Center location.
When using ATM's at other Shared Branching Credit Unions, you may be charged a fee from the owner of that ATM.
Consult your credit union for details.
Fees may differ for services provided if you use a Service Center location in a different region.
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